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Press report on the project (May 2017)




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Party to celebrate the ending project

The project will end in July 2016; therefore we wanted to celebrate our new and interesting findings and thank our colleagues and collaborators for supporting our project!

Press report on the project 02-2016


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Press report on the project (2016-01-02)

The german article can be found here: Medienportal der Universität Wien

Current press report on the project

Article in derstandard.at on October 2nd

Shedding light on the shadow of economy: A critical assessments of methods in tax research

Between September 26th and September 27th a workshop on methods in tax research was conducted at the Faculty of Psychology in Vienna together with the ICABEEP (International Confederation for the Advancement of Behavioral...

First press release for the start of the project

Article "Macht und Vertrauen" in Die Presse, 30.12.2012


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